First surgery

So B (my oldest) had surgery on Friday. I gave his dad notice that he was going to have it and I told him when it was going to be and where and He didn’t come to visit him in recovery he didn’t come to visit him in the afternoon and he wouldn’t bring G ( my youngest ) home.  When I asked him why he didn’t come to see him he told me that it was crossing a line because we are in the middle of a divorce and a custody issue which there is no issue he just doesn’t understand that his son had surgery and wanted to see him and he had no care to come see him.  Also he made me pick up G which is ridiculous because I do all of the dropping off and all of the picking up and it’s not fair at this point I asked him if one of his family members could drop G off and that wouldn’t even happened so something needs to change. My mom ended up having to pick up G and bring him home because B couldn’t be in the car b/c he was nauseated coming off anesthesia. It breaks my heart that he cares that little. I even told him I would leave the house while he visited with B and he still didn’t come. – so lame of his dad to do this. He should be ashamed of himself!


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