I was never popular. I never fit in, especially in high school. I remember I was taking this holocaust class it was a great class but we had a trip to Washington DC and I didn’t have any friends in the class and I ended up  in a hotel room with the popular kids and have never felt more out of place and it’s not even what they did to make me feel out of place it’s just how I felt. I always wanted to walk to my own beat. But I wanted people to like me and for some reason They just didn’t at least not all the time.  so my senior year in high school a guy hit on me in class and I was supposed to meet him downtown and I was so scared that I didn’t go and my friend went instead and she ended up dating him and I punch myself and get mad at myself every time I look back on that day because that could’ve been me… I wonder if my life would have been different if I had met up with him…would I have been different in college, be in a rush to find love, find love in all the wrong places. I wonder how my life would be different. Then I will look at my two beautiful boys and realize that I don’t want my life to be any different and even though I wasn’t one of the popular kids I am the most popular person to my two kids and that is all that matters.



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